Which “Friend” is your political party

CD&V is Rachael : always tries to do the right thing but ultimately boring.

Open VLD is Ross, because he is intelligent and makes sense but everyone ignore him.

NVA is Monica : Pragmatic & practical , Traditional and loves rules..

SPA is Chandler because no one knows exactly what he does.

Greens is Phobie : they’re always coming up with cookie ideas like dumping fossil fuels for Solar power.. Oh, Phoebe you’re so silly, how are we supposed to make money form the Oil industry ??

Vlaams Belang is Joey : for about 9 years he was a big joke and everyone laughed at how dumb he was, but then he became mega successful … and Joey is secretly a Racist … that’s not in the script but your know you can tell… all Italians are …

Flemish Friends