What Anxiety Feels and Looks Like

Hallo Anxiety my old friend, it’s nice to meet you once again. Thanks for making me feel disconnected from the world, Worrying about Future events, then worrying about past events, catastrophising, excessive worrying, thats Anxiety.

Headaches, trembling, hyperventilation, Tight chest, shortness of breath , depersonalisation, Loss of appetite, avoidance, disqualifing the positive, When I’m second guessing, wanting reassurance, worrying about past events, Oh god, Why can’t I just relax, restlessness that’s anxiety..

And in the naked night I saw… 10,000 people or more, People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, people writing songs with voices no shared, no-one dared

And in the naked night I saw… 10,000 panic attacks or more, People uncontrollable worrying, people all or nothing thinking, people mind reading with stomach cramps, tensness, that anxiety..