The Hero’s Journey : Interactive Improv Game

I made up an improv game called the hero’s journey. It is for my new solo improv show “The Quern Deadly Improv Show” .

It used the 17 steps from the Hero’s Journey which is a common story telling frame work from which most ancient and modern stories use to tell the story of Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker or one of thse ancient stories that I dont know.

The frame work is familiar, the “Hero” lives a very safe life but then gets a “call to adventure” where she is challenged and guided by helpers to overome her deepest fears and transform into a person who has masterd their destiny and those that she cares about…

The story teller/ solo improviser is the “Hero” the Characters that aid and fight him along the way are the audience volunteers, who has been given a short script each which has suggestions form the audience replacing key words in the script. (I suggest do this before the show)

The Improviser then sets the scene again with audience suggestion except this time as part of the set up… and then follows the steps of the “Hero’s Journey” telling the story and interacting with the audience.

Here are some downloads if you want to try it out ..


Intro to the Heros Journey

The List of Characters

The Scripts (x 7) – use audience suggestions to fill in the blanks

The Scene order (Cheat Sheet for Performer)

The Performers responsibilities

And if that all seems a bit convuluted – you’re probably right, I thin there is somthing there though, especially the message about transformation through a series of trails where you have to step up to the plate and discover what you are made of… if you would like to try it, let me know how it goes. Video coming soon.