Clearing its name – Momo Tegen Pesten

In a surprise move the icon known as Momo has sprung back against critics who say that Momo is part of a bullying app which encourages children to selfharm and commit suicide.

“The Flemish kids TV station “Ketnet” has launched an anti bullying campaign where all children are encouraged to show that they are against bulling by drawing 4 dots on your hand. The campaign has nationwide support and is endorsed by many Flemish celebs such as “Reggie” and the “KetNetters” and seems now that Momo too, in an unexpected display of support has posted a selfie showing off 4 “Stipjes” on its hand.

The face of the campaign “Tinne Oltmans”, insists that Momo has nothing to do with the mainly Flemish run campaign but is more than welcome to join in.

Momo tegen pesten
Momo tegen pesten

Momo commented that it too is a victim of bullying, where recently it’s profile photo has been used as an avatar for a very weird campaign called the Momo challenge where kids are bullied and forced to self harm.

“Just because I looks a like strange, doesn’t mean I is strange” , “Momo is friend” …