I’m trying to get and just did a half-marathon and discovered that jogging is the least amount of fun you can have with vaseline on your nipples.

Just dont want to be one of those guys who wear a fit-bit watch and don’t do any exercise. They look at they’re watch and there watch tells em, “oh you walk to work today well done now you can have a fckn donut”

It was like being at a mass wedding cos – Most People are doing it for the first time and spend €100 on shoes they’re only going to wear once.

They give you a race number you have to wear but it also has your name on it – so as your running along people shout “C’Mon Dav-id, Goed Bezig !” The only problem with that is the Run goes right through Antwerp City – and its a Sunday – so have the crowd are pissed ! “C’mon Dav-id – you fat cunt ! “….

Felt sorry for the people who were there with their work. Jogging because there was a group going in the office and they signed up because they wanted to show their boss they were a “team player” and then they can ad it to their CV – or something.

Some look like they’re just clocking in cos, Working on Sunday Sucks. And then they all run together in a group – cos they’re too afraid to pass-out their boss.

Thanks God I’m self Employed !