How to order a beer in Belgium

I know a little bit of Dutch now but in the beginning I knew nothing… All I knew was how to point at things and nod or shake my head… Which is technically not dutch.

pintje_400x400The first thing I learned was how to order a beer, by holding up your little finger .. which means one beer please..  Do NOT  do that to an barman in Ireland – because it means you’ve got a “small one” … In Ireland we point our index finger up .. Means one beer please… or ‘look up’.

If you want 2 beers in Belgium you do a V sign followed by little finger.

I was back in Ireland, forgot where I was for a second and tried ordering a beer by giving the V sign and little finger – instantly tried to correct myself by giving the Irish version of index finger pointing up … The Barman just looked at me and said. “Wha ?  Little Dick, Fuck Off, Look Up ?…. WTF ?”  then he look up .