The first thing I learned about cycling in Belgium is that Belgian Saddles are not made for Irish Bums … Was Walking like John Wayne for the first week …

Its a Very FLAT country so Cycling is very big in Belgium, they cycle everywhere so when they heard that cycling wasn’t as big in Ireland “ Why don’t the Irish cycle? Are you really soo lazy ? “ Eh No, we have these things in Ireland – you might have heard of them, they’re called HILLS !!

I’m convinced they don’t really know what a Hill is . I was cycling with my Girlfriend one a day and said wow this is great its so flat you can cycle for miles and MILES – My girlfriend took offense to this , being a proud Flemish dame ” We have Hills in Belgium too you know !!” and cycled off in a huff !! a few minutes later she stops and says patronisingly – “ See, We’re on a HILL now !! “ – I said – “ Eh , this is a Bridge ….. “