“at least I tried god dam it, at least I did that. “

Trying out solo improv
High hope for new Solo Improv Show God dam I have no idea what I am doing. I feeling like a naive new-comer hoping to achieve the unthinkable. I know I have an aptitude for improv and I have been doing it for years but a 1 hour solo show feels like a massive challenge. And a massive challenge is what I need right now. Part of the reason I want to do a solo improv show is that I'm begin...
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3 GUYS, 1 MIC with Sergej Lopouchanski, Sam Humes & David Talks

Comedy Show
SEP 13 - Comedy at Strandhof! Every two weeks we're inviting three stand-up comedians who'll entertain you for 20 minutes each. Sergej Lopouchanski will be your host at 3 GUYS, 1 MIC. For this edition he'll share the stage with Sam Humes and David Talks. Please note that the performance will be in English. You can order your drinks in Dutch. Sam Humes ▔▔▔▔▔▔ Sam is a babyfaced comedian fro...
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Zet er vooral nieuwe plekken bij en vergeet de contactgegevens niet. Open B.A.C. Amsterdam Elke dinsdag in het Betty Asfalt Complex. Aanmelden via: of bellen naar: 06-51515744 Comedy Café Amsterdam  Elke woensdag Comedy Cafe Amsterdam Toomler Amsterdam Onder 't Hilton, Aanmelden via: Pla...
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