The First Time I Spoke Dutch

Some Irish Guys Ironing and practicing sodomy on a bus shelter in Dublin
Now saying anything in another language for the First time is a big deal !! A Milestone in any expats life. Your first steps to integrating with the society that you're trying to live in and when you can actually express yourself in the local language it helps you to feel apart of the community, apart of the country. [caption id="attachment_182" align="alignleft" width="647"] Some guys ironing ...
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Universal Sign Language

Comedy Blog
Sometimes we have to resort to sign language when we cant communicate with one another. I was on holiday in Spain and was in a wheelchair because I stepped on broken glass...  there was a guy who was staying in our hotel and he wanted to know what happened to me. Because one day I'm walking around and the next I'm rolling around. He couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak Spanish, but that did...
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How to order a beer in Belgium

Order beer belgium
I know a little bit of Dutch now but in the beginning I knew nothing... All I knew was how to point at things and nod or shake my head... Which is technically not dutch. The first thing I learned was how to order a beer, by holding up your little finger .. which means one beer please..  Do NOT  do that to an barman in Ireland - because it means you’ve got a "small one" ... In Ireland we point o...
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