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How our School shows Motivates Speech & Interaction in English

BOOKING & QUOTATIONSThere's nothing more confronting than someone speaking to you in a foreign language, especially if you have no idea what to say back to them. Imagine then how it would feel in a room full of people laughing with relief because they are not the one that is being asked the question. In our show there is no such escape. Every single student is greeted as they enter the room ...
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Entertaining the most highly qualified unemployed people in the country , the PostDoc Community @ Ghent University

Standup comedy antwerpen
When I met with PostDoc Pres/ Chemist / Mentor / fellow Expat C├ęsar "he joked that the postdoc community are the most highly qualified unemployed people in the country... It's quite a confusing and insecure position to be in , you're not quite employed and you're not really a student... but your also essential to the education system mentoring the new generation of researchers, while also w...
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Shows & Workshops

BOOKING & QUOTATIONS Why Have our Shows in your School? [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="2"] Motivates Speech & Interaction in English Native English Speaker Extremely Interactive [/ap_column] [ap_column span="2"] Cultural Exchange Less Expensive than a Theatre Group More Entertaining Than a Speaker [/ap_column] [ap_column span="2"] Learn a life Skill Become more Intu...
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Which “Friend” is your political party

Flemish Friends
CD&V is Rachael : always tries to do the right thing but ultimately boring. Open VLD is Ross, because he is intelligent and makes sense but everyone ignore him. NVA is Monica : Pragmatic & practical , Traditional and loves rules.. SPA is Chandler because no one knows exactly what he does. Greens is Phobie : they're always coming up with cookie ideas like dumping fossil fuels...
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The Hero’s Journey : Interactive Improv Game

Solo Improvisation
I made up an improv game called the hero's journey. It is for my new solo improv show "The Quern Deadly Improv Show" . It used the 17 steps from the Hero's Journey which is a common story telling frame work from which most ancient and modern stories use to tell the story of Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker or one of thse ancient stories that I dont know. The frame work is familiar, the "Her...
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