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Entertaining the most highly qualified unemployed people in the country , the PostDoc Community @ Ghent University

Standup comedy antwerpen
When I met with PostDoc Pres/ Chemist / Mentor / fellow Expat C├ęsar "he joked that the postdoc community are the most highly qualified unemployed people in the country... It's quite a confusing and insecure position to be in , you're not quite employed and you're not really a student... but your also essential to the education system mentoring the new generation of researchers, while also w...
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Shows & Workshops

Three Interactive English Speaking Comedy Options to Choose From [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="2"] [/ap_column] [ap_column span="2"] [/ap_column] [ap_column span="2"] [/ap_column] [/ap_column_wrap] ENQUIRIES & BOOKING Why Have Improv & Stand Up Comedy in your School? [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span="2"] Learn a life Skill Become more Intuitive Learn about Acting [/ap_colum...
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Which “Friend” is your political party

Flemish Friends
CD&V is Rachael : always tries to do the right thing but ultimately boring. Open VLD is Ross, because he is intelligent and makes sense but everyone ignore him. NVA is Monica : Pragmatic & practical , Traditional and loves rules.. SPA is Chandler because no one knows exactly what he does. Greens is Phobie : they're always coming up with cookie ideas like dumping fossil fuels...
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The Hero’s Journey : Interactive Improv Game

Solo Improvisation
I made up an improv game called the hero's journey. It is for my new solo improv show "The Quern Deadly Improv Show" . It used the 17 steps from the Hero's Journey which is a common story telling frame work from which most ancient and modern stories use to tell the story of Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker or one of thse ancient stories that I dont know. The frame work is familiar, the "Her...
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Ierse stand-up comedian op bezoek in 5 en 6

Improv comedy
In het kader van de lessen Engels voor het 5de en 6de jaar mochten we dinsdag 26 maart en Ierse stand-up comedian verwelkomenin onze school. Hij is een Ierse stand-up comedian die de liefde van zijn leven volgde naar Antwerpen. Hij bedacht een uniek stand-up comedy concept voor scholen, David Talks, waarin hij op een grappige en interactieve manier zijn ervaringen deelt over de verschillen in...
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